Saturday, 27 June 2009

New Sales Partner in Austria

Manfred Steinwendner and Werner Bieder are professional sales men, They will be our new sale partner for Austria. Both will offer our customer professional service, it is pleasure for them to get your valued inquiry on phone or via email. With this partnership we will help our customer to save money and do a contribution for our environment. Under follow address you can contact them:

Handelsagentur Steinwendner
Bäckergasse 5,
3110 Griechenberg/ Neidling,

Manfred Steinwendner: +43-664-224 67 97
Werner Bieder : +43-676-7297202

Monday, 22 June 2009

New Partner: Austrian biggest agricultural machinery distributor

The CEO DI Karl Mauch of Mauch GesmbH & Co. KG tested the BE-Fuelsaver on his own Volvo Diesel and save about 1 Litre for 100 km. But more impressing was the exhaust gases measurement which shows a reduction in soot k: 2.91 to 0.38 of 87%. With these facts we start a partnership and Mauch will be our new BE- Fuel saver exclusive distributor for agriculture maschineries in Austria.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Make BE- Trucksaver in Nigeria sense ?

The price for fuel in Nigeria is 0.35 Euro (0.5 US$) per litre or 1.9 US$/Gal. A test in Lagos on a Nigerian Truck showed a saving of 12%. Fright forwarder only make money when a truck runs every day. So 200,000 km (124,000 miles) is a common distance in a year. The consumption before was 35 l/100km and reduced to 30.8 l / 100km = 4.2 l less for 100 km ! With a distance of 200.000 it is a saving of 8400 Litre. So the Trucks save in the cheap petrol country Nigeria 8400 x 0,35 Euro = 2640 or 4200 USD$ in a year. In Germany such a Truck will saver 8400 x 1.1 Euro = 9240 or 13400 USD

BE-Fuel saver for helicopter

A company requested for a modified BE-Fuel saver for unmanned helicopter. We will adapt a new type of BE-Fuel saver for kerosene.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Old car to a new ?

The Renault 7 is built in the year 1991. The 18 years old car had a carbon monoxide value of CO = 0.100 Vol% and hydrocarbon HC = 22 ppm. The customer installed BE-Fuelsaver in May and drove 3 tank fillings after doing new exhaust gases measurement on the 15th June 2009. Now carbon monoxide value CO =0.00 absolute zero and hydrocarbon HC reduced to 7 ppm.
summary: CO: -100% HC- 68% Details

N-G Bangladesh

Mr. MD. MAZHARUL ISLAM is our new Partner in Bangladesh. He will soon launch the BE-Fuelsaver and other N-G products.
1198/A, Malibagh
Chowdhury Para (G.F)
Mobile: 01926674108/ 01726859206
Skype ID: - Lipenzoners
Email address:

Wood chip Saver

With the new wood chip saver the heating system improved dramatically. The colour of ash changed from black to white as you can see on the opened fire door.

ECOPOWER with a little rod BE -Fuel saver

ECOPOWER with a little rod BE -Fuel saver Fin real story of an unbelievable Austrian invention which measurable save fuel and reduce exhaust gases.