Friday, 25 September 2009

Biggest countrywide Newspaper Finland

Iltalehti tested :Distributor Timo Heino tells that he has sold about a few thousand BE- Fuelsaver so far in Finland. The cosmic metal rod lowers consumption. "cosmic energy" providing rod sounds merely like a tv-shop gimmick.

A few sent long metal rod was installed in the reporter own Ford Focus gasoline tank. Power increase was felt immediately, it was clearly felt on low rpm. I clearly detected that i can shift to higher gear much earlier than before,but consumption did not decrease. I drove with the car to Swedish Lapland and back again to Espoo. According to the consumption meter consumption stayed the same. During the trip is is clear that there was lot of soot coming of from the engine, cause earlier the exhaust pipe was shining clean but now full of soot !

At this time distributor Timo Heino and manufacturer from Austria started to wonder how it can be possible,the make more proof Heino decided to try line installation, so he put one on the line. Again the power increased, but now also consumption started to drop, the consumption on the Focus is now 0,4 liter less than before. About exhaust gases:we tested with the same meter at the same inspection center that on last inspection and now the values was half of before ! Co went from 0,02/0,01 to 0,01/ 0,00 and HC form 9/7 to 3/4 (idle/high rpm) !

To see additional results, we installed in two other passenger cars 2 weeks ago. On year 2003 WW Passat 2.0 TDI the consumption dropped 0,4 liter and on the Ford Fiesta 2.0 St it was a couple tenth. The owner of the Passat also told me about clear improvement in power

Consumption on highway l/100 Km before 6.4 l after 6,0 liter C0 before 0,02/0,01 after 0,01/0,00

HC(ppm) before 9/7 after 3/4