Friday, 21 December 2012

BE-Fuelsaver eliminates super-­‐knocking

BE-Fuelsaver report:
Eliminates super-­‐knocking, reduces fuel consumption
and protects the environment

Super knocking issue solved
Christian Wawra managed to solve the so-­‐called super ­‐- knocking on his 18 months old Mini Countryman.This super knocking (as reported on web forums) is observed on 184 hp engines of similar make delivered by various manufacturers (PSA). Christian Wawra decided to do this test with a type L Fuelsaver after his extensive experience with a Fuelsaver on a VW Sharan.
The phenomena was no longer observed since he mounted the Fuelsaver on the fuel supply pipe (the mounting through the fuel nozzle is not possible on this model and the mounting on the tank gauge was considered too work-­‐ intensive for this test).
As a positive side effect, the average fuel consumption dropped by 10% from 8.5 to 7.6l/100km.
60% reduction of emissions. Also his wife is excited about the extraordinary functionality:
"I am driving every day my Toyota Corolla (Diesel, 116hp, year 2003) about 140 km from Hainfeld to Vienna and back, the average fuel consumption was 6.1 litre per 100km. Since we mounted the BE-­‐Fuelsaver on the fuel supply pipe, the average consumption dropped within 5 weeks by 9% to 5.5 litre per 100 km. The exhaust gas measurement of 16. Oct. 2009 showed a reduction of 59.3% in emission compared to the test of 30. July 09. A great Austrian innovation and a worthwhile investment in the future of our kids.“
Ing. Christian Wawra (mobile +43 6769521801) Sylvia Wawra (mobile +43 664 3039280 )
Wienerstrasse 14, 3170 Hainfeld, Austria

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