Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dynamometer 17% more Torque at low rpm

Skoda Fabia Diesel RS Chip tuned without and with BE-Fuelsaver
2nd measurement is done after 2 tank fillings
There are 3 graphs, Torque (Nm), Engine Power (KW) and Power on the wheel. Most important is not the little more maximum Torque (416 up to 419 Nm), Power (116 up to 117 KW) and Speed (136 up to 141 km/h), but rather the better characteristics of Torque and Power with BE-Fuelsaver.
At the low rpm of 1875 the improvement in Torque is 55,6 Nm. This is 17% more ! . And this is exactly what everyone noticed. More Power and Torque at low rpm.Test done by :

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